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modular kitchen for home

modular kitchen in kolkata

modular kitchen at kolkata

India's modular kitchen market is projected to grow in coming years. Demand for modular kitchen in kolkata is also increasing, as more and more new residential projects are coming in to change the lifestyle. Modular kitchen design in kolkata is also changing accordingly. Cost of the kitchen is a major factor, Like all other metro cities modular kitchen dealers are now delivering the cheapest, lowest price and best modular kitchen in kolkata. 

EYEPOPPING INTERIORS is one of the best interior designing and decoration company in kolkata. We are now specialized in modular kitchen industry. The modular kitchen is available to homeowners of all standards, from minimal to luxurious. 

EYEPOPPING INTERIORS is one of the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in kolkata. These days, the craze of modular kitchen is everywhere and everyone wants to build such exclusive kitchen design in their home.

modular kitchen design kolkata:

While planing for a modular kitchen, care has to be taken for the design of the kitchen, material and light arrangement etc. The basic tips before planning a modular kitchen for home are-

1. Design:  Design a basic layout when deciding on the design of the kitchen. It should be kept in mind that the sink, fridge and oven make triangles, not in a line. This makes it easier to work. After these three are fixed, plumbing should be arranged in advance to the electrical point for the chimney.

2. Storage:  To obtain maximum storage in the kitchen, modular kitchen cabinets need to be install in a smarter way. One must smartly use the available resources. Use pull-out modular trolleys for the space under the platform. Corner Karasal can be used for kitchen platform corners. 
Nowadays different trolleys are available in the market for keeping different things like:To Keep Cutlery - Cutlery BasketsCup-Saucer To Keep - Cup Saucer BasketFor Thali / Plates - Thali basketsGrain Basket - For Dough ContainersFor mixed items - plane basketSimilarly, the space above the platform can be used by making over head wall cabinet. If this cabinet is built around the chimney, then the walls look more beautiful.

3. Accessories and appliances: The most popular modular kitchens are ovens with microwaves and heating features. If you want, you can also get a combined stove top and grill oven, but the selection should be done according to your need, not to enhance the kitchen show.

4. Material: While selecting the material for modular kitchen, not only the price, but also the effect of cold or heat, rub and weight etc. should be seen on that material. Particle board cannot bear much weight, so avoid putting such boards in the kitchen. PVC modular kitchen in kolkata is now very popular. Because PVC boards are durabel, can carry extra load and water proof. Plywood with water resistant quality can be use for modern modular kitchens of kolkata. The marble in the kitchen may turn yellow after a while, so do not use marble here, it would be better to use granite.

5. Sink: According to your need in the kitchen, choose a sink which is so big in size that the utensils should be completely covered in it. Choose a sink tap whose top and left are rotating. This will make it easier for you to wash dishes and vegetables.

6. Light Arrangement: Arrangement of adequate light in the kitchen should be planned in advance. For this, the right light fixtures should be selected. Note that the shadow of the over head cabinet should not fall on the platform, but it is good to have a separate light on the platform as well.

modular kitchen in kolkata

The modular kitchen must be stylish and practical to look at and easy to manage, but before you start with the best design of kitchen. There are some important things to keep in mind…

How much space is there in the kitchen? 

The design of your modular kitchen depends on how much space is in your kitchen area. For example, if there is less space in your kitchen then straight or parallel kitchen will be best for you otherwise your kitchen will feel very small and tight. On the other hand, if there is enough space in the kitchen, you can get L shaped, U shaped or island kitchen design.

How much storage is needed?

Before installing a drawer, shelf cabinet or large units in the kitchen, check how much storage you need in the kitchen. Storage capacity depends on how many things you keep in the kitchen. Also, if you have elderly people in your house, then drawer or pull out cabinet will be the right option.
How are counter tops?

The counter top is the most important part of the kitchen and you should pay maximum attention to it. First of all, decide which material you want to make your kitchen counter top - marble, granite or ingested stone. Material choice also depends on how the food is cooked in your house.

How to choose colors?

Avoid placing dark colors such as black and brown in the kitchen as they are not reflectors of light. Use quality lighting on the ceiling and walls, and install an advanced electric chimney just above the gas stove or induction in the kitchen to ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen.

For more and practical information please contact EYEPOPPING INTERIORS. We are an expert interior company for your elegant modular kitchen in kolkata. For contact us simply call 9830669898, or you can fill the form given in the right hand side of the page. Our executive will get back to you.


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