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Whether or not to spend on falls sealing is still a question in many homeowners' minds.

Many homeowners believe that falls ceiling is only a matter of design and nothing else. What other benefits are they receiving?

So first let's understand what is false ceiling?
False ceiling as the name suggests is a suspended or secondary roof under your RCC roof, also known as drop ceiling. False ceiling is prepared by aluminum framing in a square pattern where the gypsum or POP board fits and then finishes by applying paint or wallpaper.
By installing false ceiling, it reduces the height of your room from 4 inches to 8 inches from the existing RCC ceiling. If the height of your rooms is already low, you may need a second thought on the decision to go for it. Now this is an argument because it is a matter of money.
Home owners are spending thousands of rupees for each and every square foot and here they are spending money to reduce the height of their rooms which definitely makes them think.

Why do you need false ceiling?

Here are some advantages of false ceiling -

1. It works as an insulation layer in your room.
2. It hides the electrical wires inside the falls ceiling.
3. It helps to create ambience in your room using indirect lights.
4. It gives your room a shape.
5. It also helps hide your uneven roofs, leaks and cracks.
6. It saves energy on such (air conditioning) bill.

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First of all, we Home owners must first understand the benefits of False Ceiling. The most important benefits that many people are not aware of - that is - good use of air conditioning. Due to false ceiling, the ceiling height is reduced due to which the performance of the air condition increases. Of course we are talking about a room of very high height. Understand that your office is a large room of 10 x 10 square feet, in which the false ceiling is 6 inch or 1 feet below the actual ceiling, which will serve (10 x 10 x 1) cubic space. This will definitely save your energy bill. At home, it feels good to have a high ceiling height in the living room, although in the bedroom you can think about reducing the height. Fall ceiling is not usually done in the kitchen, but you still need fall ceiling, so it is important that you use a chimney or exhaust fan.

Another advantage is that it provides insulation layer. If the roof of your house is exposed to sunlight and indirect light, then the fall ceiling creates a layer to keep the heat off to an extent. Keeps your room cool. Very basic economic fall ceiling is Rs 65 - up to 90 per square feet. That is if the price of false ceiling will increase if you use creative design and better quality material.

Plaster of Paris (POP) has been used for many years. Gypsum Board has been used for the past few years. Earlier plain wood was used, today ply of good quality is being used more.

Another big advantage is that you can use LED lights instead of tube light and bulb. LED lights use less energy or wattage and work well over the years. In this way you get direct power saving . You can get these LED lights installed in different corners inside the false ceiling and you can use as many lights as needed.

false ceiling in kolkata


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